She wanted it and he was happy to oblige her (Full on and True)

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Ann had hinted several times that she would like Robert to orchestrate a wild night out at the club for her; Robert had taken it all in but did not say too much about it at the time. Over the next few days he spoke to her several occasions about their favourite subject, sex. He was sounding her out, to see what she had in her darker feelings about the night out at the club, Robert was good at this he also had a very brilliant sense of imagination when it came to planning a wild sexy session, Ann knew this all to well and made sure she gave him all the suggestions he would need to give her a real good night. Robert had all things worked out and Friday night planed, so on the Thursday morning he had told her that they would be going to the club on Friday night for some thing special he had planed for her, knowing she had time until then to get herself mentally excited over it. He had also told her that she would have to be prepared to dress up as instructed, she would be told what she had to wear a couple of hours before they left the house. All day Thursday Ann could not stop thinking about what he had in mind for her, that night she was so excited she tried to get Robert to fuck her but he was having none of it, telling her to wait until Friday night. This pissed her off a bit but she also knew this was the start of his grand plan for her. The next day she woke up feeling as Horney as hell but she knew she would have to wait until that night at the club. The day had dragged on Ann was as high as a kite with her imagination running riot all day. At 7 that evening he told her “right time to get you dressed” so it was off up stairs to shower and dress, while Ann was in the shower he collected a few essential items of clothing for her. She came out of the bathroom naked and ready to be instructed in how to dress. The first thing he did was to tell her a few of the rules she would have to follow that night. He started off by saying that they would be using a safe word, this she could be used at any time if she wanted it to stop “CHIPS” if she used it he would stop every instantly. She was told that she would be blindfolded and when she had the blindfold on she was not allowed to speak unless it was to say the safe word. Her name for the night would be “Lara” and she would have to respond to any instruction that started with it. Now for your attire Robert took a black box with a bright red ribbon tied around it and gave it to her. She opened the box, her hands had started to quiver slightly with excitement that was building inside her, and she pulled out a leather body and a bright red lipstick. The only words he spoke were “put it on” as she slipped her feet through the two leg holes bending to pull it up Robert slid a finger deep into her pussy to find out just how much she was turned on, he was somewhat surprised at just how wet she was. He said that might be worth putting a pad on until they reached the club because she would be dripping wet in anticipation of what was to come later, she agreed with him because as she started to dress she could feel her self getting wetter by the second. She had a bit of a struggle but managed to get her self into the leather body, she moved over to her full length mirror to check the fit and she was surprised by the look it was a perfect fit it highlighted every thing that looked good about her petite figure. The leather was so soft it hugged her body stunningly, it was then she noticed the removable breast patches and the zip that ran from her navel under her pussy and up to her lower back, she pulled the patch from her left breast exposing her perfectly formed breast her nipple erect just begging to be sucked and nibbled, Robert was very impressed with the look of his new addition to her wardrobe. Next he handed her a pair of black hold up stocking witch she pulled on to her silky smooth legs, he went back to the underside of the bed and pulled out a shoe box and gave it to Ann, she opened it to find a pair of platform stiletto heeled black shoes these were a sort of a fetish thing he liked and they would make Ann almost the same height as him, she slipped her feet into them. He stood back and looked her up and down enjoying the look he had devised for her for tonight’s games. At this point he told her to put her make up on and not to skimp on it. He watch her as she did as she had been told, his cock was a throbbing bulge in his jeans, when she had finished she turned and faced him with bright red lips and quit heavy eye makeup. It flashed through his mind to say lets stay in and play but he had arranged a cracking night for her and put a lot of effort into arranging it, just to for fill a fantasy for her just to be selfish now. Her mind was working overtime trying to figure out what he had in store for her tonight. Robert produced the final items, ankle and wrist straps with a studded wide neck collar to finish the look off. It was Ann who asked about the blindfold he had almost forgotten about it because he was totally stunned with her look, she was looking absolutely ravishing. Earlier she had done her nails in a bright red colour knowing it was the colour Robert loved her to wear and it fitted in perfectly with all the other new garments he had so cleverly managed not only buy but managed to have them delivered in time to be wrapped as well. He told her to sit on the edge of the bed while strapped the ankle and wrist straps onto her finishing the look with a wide neck collar with a long chain lead the look was almost complete except for her blindfold, he looked at his watch, the car would be here any time now to pick them up. There was just enough time to let her have a very large glass of her favourite wine which she drank down in couple of mouth full’s and filling it up again. Robert was the fist of them to hear the car, he got her new full length coat from the cupboard which he had bought especially for this type of occasion, he helped her to put it on and escorted her out to the car and settled her in to it he then went back to lock the house. When he got back to the limo Ann was already giving bit of a flash unwittingly to the driver he stood there holding the door as Ann settled her self into the black leather seat he was getting a free view of her stocking clad thighs, Robert could see the guy was struggling to conceal a semi hard on. While they were being driven to the club Robert could not help himself as he encourage Ann to show off a bit more of her self knowing the driver was all eyes looking in his rear view mirror, at one point he was looking so hard he almost ran into the back of another car at a set of traffic lights. As they arrived at the club Ann covered her self up, the driver opened the door and Ann gave him one more open flash as she climbed out of the car, as Robert got out the car the driver could not cover his now very erect cock and he just smiled. They climbed the stairs up to the club; they were met by the clubs hostess a very fit tall dark haired woman about 30 something, She kissed and greeted Robert and said this must be our Lara may I take your coat Lara, As Ann or rather Lara removed her coat the hostess said what a pleasure it will be to have you here to night as she licked her lips, Robert would you and Lara please follow me I have your private room ready. They followed the hostess she was wearing only a black leather waist coat barely holding in her ample breasts a pair of matching black leather chaps with a tiny thong and very high heeled boots, Ann looked at Robert pouted her lips and blow a kiss in her direction she always liked the look of another woman who looked good. As they entered the dimly lit room Ann noticed a bottle of wine and two glasses she poured them a glass each as they sat on the sofa Ann said to Robert are we the only ones here? Well Babes that you will have to find out for your self later. When the wine had been drunk Robert produced the blindfold he had stuffed into his pocket as they left home, Robert explained to her that he would blindfold her with the hood and lead her to another room reminding her that she could only speak if she needed to say the safe word, he reminded her that it was “CHIPS” and would she remember it, Ann was totally at ease with the situation because she knew he would never do any thing to hurt her. Oh one last thing Babes you will be totally submissive and do every thing you are told to do if it starts with Lara, ok she said almost choking with expectancy of the pleasure she was about to receive oh one more thing you had better remove your pad first, shit she had almost forgotten it in the heat of the moment. Robert kissed her tenderly on the lips and then said enjoy Babes its all for you now, he then pulled the hood over her smiling face making sure it was tucked into her collar so she could see nothing at all the zip over the mouth was zipped shut, he hooked his chain lead onto her collar and with a tender pat on her backside he lead her out of the room and down the corridor to the end and into a room that she was sure was the large room turned into a fully equipped Dungeon. As they entered the room Ann sensed that they were not alone she felt Robert hand the lead over to some one else, but who that was would be a mystery for the night as she soon found that her lead was being passed from one hand to another around the room she soon gave up trying to work out how many times she got passed from side to side and back and forth. She had been lead to the middle of the room were her wrist straps had been hooked together and pulled up above her head and her ankles hooked down with her feet about 18” apart. All she could hear was people whispering “hello Lara” then lots of hands, gently touching her body all over she thought to her self , how many where there? Fuck it who cares it feels good. She could feel the patches that covered here breasts slowly being zipped open and pulled off, the cool air on them then the warm lips sucking first her left nipple between them a second pair of lips sucking on her right nipple at the same time what a sensation then she felt more lips sucking and kissing the bare flesh around the top of her thighs up to the edge of her snug fitting leather body suit. Lara could feel her body tensing as the pleasure built up to fever point then as quick as the countless mouths started to kiss and lick her bare bits they had stopped, Then she could feel the gentle tugging of the zip at her waist it was being slowly pulled down and past her pussy up to the small of her back. Her pussy was now totally exposed and the way the two sections parted each side of her pussy lips it pushed them out putting pressure on her clitoris which with the cool air on it was now erect and throbbing, then the feel of a tongue flicking it, her knees buckled slightly as a different tongue took over then another and so on, some one came up very close behind her and inserted two fingers deep into her soaking wet pussy as the tongue continued to work on her very sensitive clitoris. She was openly moaning now. She had fingers in her pussy, mouth and tongue on her clit then a mouth on each nipple, shit she was ready to explode when she heard Robert say “Don’t let her come yet”. The fingers that been frigging her deep and hard disappeared. She suddenly felt some thing flat being pushed up against her back, her ankle straps were transferred to this flat surface then a strap was tightened the top of both her thighs, a strap was then tightened around her waist then another around her chest, now she could not move her body. Her wrists were realest she felt her self being lowered backwards until she was laying flat her wrists and arms were being tied down at an angle up from her body the head between her leg returned to work on her clitoris she was really enjoying this when a female voice said Lara push your fingers into this as she felt a wet pussy over her hand, she instantly did as she had been told a second voice said Lara do the same to me. Lara responded instantly to her commands, some one was putting a strap around her head and the tilted the support behind her head the next thing she felt was the mouth zip being opened and then a wet pussy being pushed against her face when a voice said Lara eat my Pussy, Lara had no problem doing that as the pussy pressing over her mouth tasted so sweet and wet, that was four women because the one sucking hard on her clit had to be a woman as well. Her whole body was straining hard against her restraint uncontrollably towards a massive orgasm which she was powerless to stop, not that she wanted to, then with a muffled moan her first powerful orgasm exploded her whole body shacking with pleasure. She could just make out Roberts voice giving out instruction to someone when the head moved away from her pussy to be replace with a rock hard cock forcing her pussy lips apart until it was fully in her the two pussies moved away from her hands to be replaced by two rampant cocks she grabbed then and with a hard grip she started to wank them both off with a determination to make them both come, the cock in her pussy started to pump in and out getting faster and harder with every stroke, the cock in her fanny was pounding away at a rapid rate she felt twitch and then pumping its load deep into her, the cock in her left hand exploded and came followed by the one in her right hand, she could feel the fanny forcing it self over her mouth was now ready to orgasm so she went at it as hard and fast as she could until she heard the woman scream out as her body convulsed into a massive orgasm, Lara had a feeling of being a tool of pleasure for these people to use and this turned her on even more. The hands were back so were the mouths all over her body a woman kissed Lara full on sucking the juices from her lips and mouth left by the first one. Again she heard Robert give out his orders to them. You first you second and so on, right go! Kitty felt the first cock ram strait up her fanny and start to pump in and out at a rapid rate trying to come as fast as he could and he did after a few minutes, Next Robert said and the next one shoved it right in and started his turn, Robert whispered it her ear “you wanted to try another cock well try these” she heard what he said but she knew he meant it as fun to enjoy not as a nasty comment. “Next” he rammed it right in she was convinced these cocks were getting bigger each time, this one made her come with a scream of pleaser he shot his load pulled out “next” with a bang he was pumping in and out getting rougher with each stroke until he came “next” Lara came when the next cock fucked her This went on for a while she lost count of the number of cocks she had but she was sure she had come about five time at least. Robert told the women to clean her up and make her comfortable again, when they had finished he brushed the tip of his cock over her mouth she knew it was his cock she could tell she had spent many an hour sucking on his cock, she could tell his cock any were. He had a woman finger her and suck her clit while he slowly fucked her sucking mouth, as he shot his lot into her mouth she had a very deep and gratifying orgasm while swallowing his load, he was the only man she had ever done that for and he would the only one she would do it to. The next thing Ann felt were the restraints that had been holding her being released, some one was using a warm cloth to freshen her pussy, her body suit was undone and pulled from her body down to the floor her feet being lifted out of it, then she felt some one pulling on her lead which pulled on her collar she was being made to stand up. As her lead was being pulled lots of hands guided her forward until she felt some thing in front of her the lead was pulled making her bend over it, again she felt straps being tightened around her upper body, her legs were being spread apart and strapped against the upright she was unable to move again but she did have full movement of her arms, she felt her self being raised her backside lifted her feet now hung off the floor, someone started to gently whip her backside she had always loved Robert to do this to her but this was different she felt as if she was being punished but now her pussy was being filled by the largest cock she had ever felt, she thought it was going to split her in half and the length seemed to go in for ever, slowly at first this gigantic cock pushed in and out of her pussy getting faster and faster. Ann felt her first orgasm building until she lost total control and had a really powerful orgasm but this huge cock did not stop it kept pumping away into her she felt the next orgasm rage through her body, still this cock continued to fucked her, Ann had lost count of the number of times she came before she felt this huge solid cock twinge inside her then it was pulled from her pussy, she heard a groan and felt the warmth of a flood of sperm being pumped all up her back, it seemed to be pints of it running al over her, the guy stepped away the next sensation hands pulling the cheeks of her arse apart and a tongue being darted into her stretched pussy then very slowly around her arse. While this was going on she felt other tongues licking the huge cocks cum off of her back she could also heard others in the room having sex. The tongue that had been playing with her arse had stopped now it had been replaced by a well lubricated finger while several fingers were being pushed into her wet pussy and her clit was being rubbed franticly causing her to feel the makings of yet another orgasm, again she explode into a body racking orgasm. As her orgasm started to subside a but plug was pushed into her arse it was an inflatable type which some one started to inflate slowly until the point when she was sure it would spit her in half, it stopped then after a few seconds it started to vibrate, that felt different but very exciting when then she felt what seemed to be a very large dildo was being pushed into her pussy until she felt thighs against hers, this was a strap-on not just a dildo and it vibrated as well. The strap-on was pounding in and out of her wet pussy, a cock was then placed into each of her hands, Robert whispered into her ear “Lara you must make them both come before you do or you will be punished” Now she knew why her hands had been left free. As she started to wank these cocks she was aware that she was being helped by a pair of lips sucking on the tip of each of the cocks in her hands. Lara worked her hands as hard as she could while the woman behind her hammered away at her every thrust pushed against the but plug embedded up her arse, Lara loved the sensation she could feel an orgasm building deep inside her. She was franticly wanking the two cocks in her hands, she was in a race to make them come before she did, after what seem to be an age the cock in her right hand twitch and shot its load into the mouth of the woman who took it all and swallowed the lot as the guy groaned. Her left hand was struggling to make the other one come, arm and hand started to really ache now but at last it came into the mouth of the other woman who enthusiastically swallowed the lot. The woman behind her fuck her as hard as she could Lara relaxed and rode the wave of her orgasm as it rolled over her making her shake with uncontrolled ecstasy. Her strap-on friend stopped and pulled out of her pussy and someone pulled the plug from her arse. Lara was ready for anything now she was having a whale of a time. The room was very quiet she heard a very soft whisper then her bindings were being released, was guided over to what she thought was a bed she was made to kneel over a mans body his cock nudged against the lips of her pussy, hands pushed her down until she had the whole of his meat buried deep inside her soaking wet pussy a mix of cum and her own jucies, someone grabbed her wrists and pulled her forward placing her hands on the mans shoulders another guy moved up behind her as two sets of hands pulled the cheeks of her arse then she took a large deep breath as a well lubricated cock eased its self up into her arse, then with alternate thrusts they started to fuck her this was one of her darker fanaticise she had finger fuck her self thinking about it, Robert had known this for some time as Ann had told him in one of their tell me one of dark confessions nights. Hands started groping her tits as the two cocks fucked her Roberts voice pulled her back from fantasy land by telling he was going to fuck her mouth while the other two fucked her in the arse and pussy, she almost came as he said it, it really excited her three cock in her fucking her like a dirty fucking whore. She had cum three or four times before the cock in her arse exploded deep in side her arse followed closely by the one banging away at her fanny. They were still slowly fucking her when Robert shot his cum deep into her throat almost making her gag and told her not to waste any of it. The cock was pulled from her arse and she rolled of the other one, she laid on her back on the bed and she was given time to regain her senses as their cum dribbled from her pussy, arse and the corners of her mouth. All she could think about was the fact that every thing that been had done to her all these people had seen every square inch of her up close and very personal, but she could bump into any of them in the street and never know it had been them because of the blindfold, only thing she knew none of them had any body hair all of them had been shaved, that was the one thing Robert had insisted on to every one who was involved in her night of total perversions he knew her extreme dislike of hair. After she had had a bit of a rest those hands again spread eagled her on the bed tied her there and after a short while a female sat on her face forcing her fanny over her mouth and said “Lara eat my pussy you fucking whore” as she ground her hips over her face, Lara did as she was told with real enthusiasm, warm oil was poured over her body and legs then lots of hand started to massage it in while a tongue gently sucked and lick her clitoris she came at the same time as the body sitting on her face. The body went the hands left and the room emptied, Robert was the only one left Ann did not know that it was him who crawled up her body stopping to give her clit a good working over making her come a couple of times and moving up her tummy to her breasts gently biting on her nipples his cock entered her with ease, his teeth nibbled at her neck she was slowly building up to her biggest orgasm of the night as he thrust his rampant cock in and out of her with such enthusiasm Lara was right on the edge of orgasm when his cock twitched quivered and exploded with a torrent of cum pumping deep inside her, this triggered her incredible orgasm as he ripped the blindfold off her head she was that excited he continued to thrust his cock and within seconds she came again and again having a mind blowing multiple orgasm after he had got off her she laid there shacking breathing really hard as she tried to gain her composure, it was then she realised that she was right she had been taken to the dungeon for her complete fucking extravaganza. Robert released all her straps and she sat up and got to her feet a little bit shaky at first, she felt his sperm running down her thighs, he told her she would have one last thing to do, as he pulled her blindfold back on he told her she had to walk the line of hands she was thinking about when he pulled her with her lead out of the door into the corridor were as she was lead very slowly through as sea of hands that touched, gently slapped her backside, fingered her arse, fanny and tweaked her nipples back and forth a couple of times and then he lead her into another room and removed every thing so she stood there naked he stripped off and they showered together. Robert washed every inch of her body after drying her down he laid her down on the bed and made love to her so soft and gentle after a lot of intermit affection they both came together. He gave her a bright red silk wrap dress and a new pair of black silk stockings and he watch her as she got dressed again she looked stunning as she slipped her stilettos back on. It was now 3am the limo would be waiting to take them home, he whispered into her “you will have to give the driver a good flash as you get into the car” she was right up for it. The driver opened the door for and as she got into the limo she let her dress fall right open right up to the waist were the tie around her waist stopped it exposing her shaved pussy, she gave him a dirty little grin and patted the semi erection that was so evident in his trousers he stepped back to let Robert get in, Ann made no attempt to cover her self on the way home. They came to a stop outside there house Ann looked at Robert he knew just what she was thinking, he smiled and said “go on then if you must” she changed places with him so when the driver opened the door she would be the first to get out. The drive opened the door to Ann flashing her exposed pussy completely to him, he froze and gazed at her beauty and her pussy, his cock was now fully erect no chance of hiding it now. Ann stuck out her hand and grabbed it and with a tug of her hand she pulled him right against the door, she unzipped his flies and pulled his cock out and sucked it strait into her open mouth and treated him to one hell of a blow job, but just as he was about to cum she pulled his throbbing cock from her mouth and finished him off with her hand, he shot his load all over the back of the front seats. Ann pushed it back into his pants, zipped up his trousers and pushed him back then she got out flashing him as she went stopping to give him a peck on the cheek and a sexy wink, as Robert got out the driver said “you lucky bastard” and Robert said “that was your tip and good night”. They went strait to bed naked in each others arms and slept for nine hours solid shattered from a night of sexual debauchery. It was about 1 pm when the door bell rang, Ann answered it to see the very sexy hostess from club last night she handed Ann a package wrapped in black paper and a red bow saying “enjoy and thank you” she turned and left. Ann opened the package to find a DVD in it and a card that said thank you Lara you were fantastic last night I would love to have you again in a threesome with Robert next time, X.

The whole session had been carefully edited so none of the faces could be seen, she still did not know who had fucked her covered her with cum. Even the females she had been sucked and licked by or the pussy she had suck and made cum.

The final twist was that Robert had streamed the whole session live on line and had received dozens of messages from men and women who had replied to the message along the bottom of the screening “I need 12 very well hung men and 12 Bi-sexual women” all to take part in the sequel. This next session would involve more extreme bondage sexual torcher including clamps whips and candle wax. Staged in a dungeon in front of an audience. The closing finally would be shot with all the men in the audience wanking and cumming all over her body and face as the lights fade………………