About the Swingers Lifestyle

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torstaina 19 heinäkuuta 2012
About the Swingers Lifestyle

Swinging Defined:

“Engagement in sexual activity with someone other than one’s spouse or primary partner, with the full knowledge and consent of that spouse/primary partner”.

In practical terms, the Swingers Lifestyle translates into (not necessarily) married couples, in committed relationships, engaging in sexual activity with other couples. It is very different from cheating, however, because everyone involved are mutual participants, free of guilt, dishonesty and deceit. In other words, a couple in a relationship has openly discussed and agreed that such sexual interactions with others is ok.

Practising the Swinging lifestyle does not mean that you and you partner have agreed to an open relationship where both can sleep with whom every they like. It is also not true that all Swingers have full penetrative sex with others. It is very common for couples in the Swinging lifestyle to be what is called: Soft Swingers. In layman’s terms this means that they do not “go all the way” and limit their activities to Oral, or other activities. Many couples are also into “Same Rooming” where two couples with Bi-sexual women simply have sex with the women being the only point of interaction between the couples.

The above scenario is where most couples start off from – Indeed, it was the fantasy of having another girl in bed with us that started us down the path to the Swinging Lifestyle. It is most often the woman who brings up this scenario (Mrs L developed strong Bi-Sexual urges in her early 30′s). This brought out fantasies of us having Threesomes with Single Women, eventually we acted on these fantasies and after a long period of experimentation we are now proud and happy in our new Swingers Lifestyle.

Reasons for swinging:

For many, the Swingers Lifestyle offers a a greater quality, quantity and frequency of sex. Others are drawn to the Swingers Lifestyle to add spice to what might be a waning sex life with their partner. In these cases the Swingers Lifestyle often proves to a be a life-changing and liberating experience (this is particularly true in women). To many younger couples out there however, Lifestyle as Swingers is mealy an extremely enjoyable social pastime that helps you discover great new friends.

History of Swinging:

Due to the fact that monogamy is a fairly novel concept (by historical standards), Swinging cannot be traced much further back than the 16th Century. Prior to this era humans did not place a particular value on monogamy and many cultures lacked the religious prohibition and social stigma that plagued the Swingers Lifestyle in later years. Quite simply swinging is about sex, which is a completely natural human instinct, which made it all the less newsworthy, therefore history is very sparse on details on what the early swinging lifestyle was like.

Swingers Lifestyle in the 16th century

One of the first recorded Swinging arrangements proved to be one of the most formal. On the 22nd April 1597 a contract was entered into between John and Jane Dee and Edward and Joanna Kelly. The arrangement stipulated that from that day henceforth conjugal relations between the men and their spouses would be shared between the four of them. The absurdity of the above was only surpassed by the reason for the arrangement. The couples confessed that they were guided into the contract by spirits following seances that they held. Needless to say this was a textbook ‘Swinging Fail’ and resulted in the couples falling out with each other.

Secret Swinging in the 18th century

The related 18th century Jewish sects known as the Fankists and the Dönmeh were said to hold an annual ‘Festival of the Lamb’. This Festival was rumored to be not much more than a massive Swingers Party, where a ritualised exchange of the spouses was held. These rumors however might have been embellished by the anti-semitic sentiment of the time, as well as the fact that both groups were extreamly secretrive about their activities (which is very consitant with people in the Swingers Lifestyle).

The Swingers Lifestyle in the 19th century

What would make the average church going American rally against Communisim more than the sceptre of sharing his hard earned cash with others? Sharing his hard earned wife with others that’s that’s what.

Karl Marx in his Communist Manifesto ( 1848 ) took note to this and did his utmost to dispel this ‘psychological projection by the bourgeois’ that Communists where swingers and that the Swingers Lifestyle was prevalent amongst the left wing.

The Swinging Lifestyle

Conventional wisdom alleges that Modern Swinging began among USAF pilots and their wives during WWII. Due to the extremely high mortality rate, pilots forged strong bonds between them that implied that should one of them die, the other would care for the widows needs, sexually and emotionally. Although this theory is contested, it is widely accepted that the Swinging Lifestyle was prevalent in some Military communities in the 1950s. Folloowing the end of the war, the Swinging followed to couples to the suburbs, where the phenomenon known as wife-swapping came to mass culture.

Online Swingers (the 20th century)

The Swinging Lifestyle exploded in the late 1990s due to the rise of the internet. Suddenly the possibility of getting to know and meeting swingers anonymously and safely was within everyone’s reach. The rise of the online swinging couple increased as the 90′s rolled on, till it accounted of 2-4% of all married couples in North America by 1998.