Do you validate each other after you meet through Skype or in reality?

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tiistai 18 kesäkuuta 2013

I am new on this site and I have the impression that most of the times couples don't meet in reality but they watch each other through Skype. And I suppose they validate each other after that? If this is true I don't agree with this process. Waiting for your comments.

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We ONLY validate couples or singles AFTER we have met with them.

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Bravo. This is the correct way in my opinion.


Totally agreed with both of you - we never validate people we haven't met in person. However, some couples are only into cam 2 cam fun so they validate people who they see on cam. Unfortunately a lot of people do not realise that there is software out there that enables people to play any video they want pretending it is their own cam. This cheats people into thinking they are camming with someone, when in fact it is someone else. What we do in the very few instances when we can, and what we recommend every one to do when camming with someone is to ask the person on the other side to make different hand or facial gesture to prove it is really them...... for example ask them to blow you a kiss, or show you their wedding finger, or wave with their left hand, or some other gestures that makes sure that they are indeed the people who are on the other side. Believe it or not, using this system we have caught MANY people playing cam videos which we would block and report immediately.