The Hot n Spicy Travel Blog - Station 2: "Rendevouz der Lüste" @ Schloss Milkersdorf (12.12.2015)

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maanantai 21 joulukuuta 2015
The Hot n Spicy Travel Blog - Station 2: "Rendevouz der Lüste" @ Schloss Milkersdorf (12.12.2015)

After spending some days with our parents, our next party station was supposed to be "Rendevouz der Lüste" @ Schloss Milkersdorf. So, for me, it was the first time visiting the place and because of that, I was pretty excited. Marc was booked as DJ, I was there to do SpicyMatch-Promotion.

We arrived there, pretty in time, and had a very warm-hearted welcome. Although I was a little bit nervous (what I always am in the first hour in a new, unknown location), nobody let me feel bad or was angry about that. On the contrary, some of the helping girls were especially friendly to me. As I know many places, I know, it's not always this way. In some places they feel embarrassed, when you are not smiling all the time from the beginning on. But I am not always the best actor, sometimes my face shows when I feel a bit tensed. ;-)

Well, let's talk about the place and the party. It was well filled, but not too full. Positively remarkable was that about 90% kept the dresscode, which is often a problem, especially for the men. So it was a pleasing view, so many guys in suits and elegant shoes or in lack-leather-outfits with boots.

But I also got some compliments for my outfit: I wore a tighty, wetlook-trousers, a rose underbreast-corsage, above the SpicyMatch-Top and a white bolero. In the preparation of this party I really thought about how to combine the (more or less “casual”) SpicyMatch-Top with an outfit which fits into a castle – what the location is like. I was contented with my choice. Suitable to that I chose again another neckband, handmade of chains by Erochains, this time silver and black colors with the ring of O in the middle. To this just simple, a bit shiny studs and – perfect!

For I have become (in the meanwhile) a "practiced" promoter, it was easy for me to do my job. People reacted in a different way. Some were quite interested, some let themselves be convinced by my charming smile ;-) and some didn't want to be bothered. The last category was mostly the older ones who found it quite "difficult", all this stuff with registration and new network and so on... No problem, I will not force anyone to join in. ;-)

My job was finished about midnight, because then everybody was f*cking already or having party. Nobody visited me at my promotion place anymore and cause I started feeling quite lonely (and cold), I quit.

And then the Party began. ^^

As it was an event from HEDO, our good friend and absolutely crazy-lovely guy (and a quite well-known and famous DJ in the German East), he also was at the turntables. His beautiful and charming girlfriend Tina was with him this time. I recognized some couples that visited our own last event at Club Savannah (from maybe 2-3 weeks ago) and we were having some fun on the new, illuminated dancefloor (from the bottom upwards) - an absolute highlight in the club. Also we met Peter and Jana again from Cap Secrets whom we recently got to know at the Spice Awards, which was a great pleasure to us. Yep, yep, the lifestyle world is a pretty small world. :-)))

I took a walk through the playrooms on the first floor, but I didn't see anything that turned me on. I hoped to see the "Sybian" live in action with a lady having fun on it, but unfortunately, when I was there, it was not in use. For those who don't know: The Sybian is a f*ck-machine which is supposed to be orgasm-guarant for ladys. No vibrator, no Magic Wand, no - a really machine with a pushing dildo which is pretty loud when used.

What a pity. I’d really had loved watching a sexy lady crying and screaming, getting agitated by this machine, loosing her conscience in orgastic jerks…Mmmmh, what a picture.

But unfortunately, I was not lucky, so I went down, having party again. In this night, to be honest, I saw nothing to turn my "mind cinema" on, but this wasn't a problem. My darling is enough to turn it on. The way he looks at me can bring me faster in the right mood than watching any f*cking people... ;-))) Hahaha, no more details.

So I really liked the place and the party. Some of the people gave positive feedback about the music Marc played, so I appreciated that a lot and also gave a bit dancefloor perfomances.

Well, we spent a great evening there and hope to be there soon again!

Our next station will be our own party at 25th Decembre - the X-Mas Hot n Dirty @ Club Oase/Frankfurt-Rödermark. So come and join us or stay tuned in this blog to get more news about lifestyle trips and partys!

Text © by Mrs.HotnDirty (aka goldchild)

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Ein riesiges Dankeschön an das Team von HotnDirty und Hedonistic Events für die tollen Partys und freuen uns auf weitere, die noch folgen werden.
Vielen danken dem glücklichen Händchen, dass uns bei der Verlosung der Reise zum FKK-Resort "Spice" Lanzarote eine riesige Freude bereitet hat. Wir sind gespannt auf den heißen Kurztrip und vielleicht sieht man ja die einen oder anderen bekannten Gesichter.
In voller Vorfreude Sandra & Steffen