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Why not try a trip to Norway !!

We try to link Norway with abroad. Where couples and singles could travel from the rest of the world to experience a great swingers event with great open-minded Norwegian people,

We are happy to help provide information that will make Norway trip complete. From experiences with mountains, skiing, snowboarding, fjords, snow, glacier, local brewery, Norwegian local food, scuba diving, coastline, museum, mountain spa, coastal spa, and much more, while of course sexual adventures and parties in the evenings

Our parties are either arranged in our home, on exclusive cabin tours, or on takeovers. We have between 20-150 couples and a proportion of single women and men.

At many of our parties we have themes that set both the interior and the dress code. We have received very good feedback on costumes as part of the all-inclusive package.

We aim to create a good environment for swinging, we focus on having a safe framework where everyone can create good social ties, We have arranged several parties in the past and have been lucky to have only nice and sexy guests. The Norwegian participants speak English as a second language and glad to take you into the conversation and play.

If you are like the social part, but also enjoy sexual playing, you are most welcome to be our guest. We you will be tempted to contact us and we will include you into our guest list.




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Osallistujia keskimäärin 30 hlö
Keskihinta 80€
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Majoitus sisältyy Joskus
Hyvinvointipalvelut Joskus
Teemabileet Kyllä
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